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The current theory is that Selene died in 5 BC while her son was still very young, and that the best evidence of her death is that Juba married Glaphyra some time between 1 AD-6 AD.Turns out, the men who killed the red eagle and left a mess were his men, and it was just bull blood.It was also really interesting the idea of Selene being a threat to Augustus if she was to remain in Rome.On the other hand, marrying Selene off to the newly made king of far-away Mauretania was a political convenience for Augustus.

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As children, both Juba and Selene had been marched as chained prisoners in a Roman triumphal parade.

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He did all the choosing for them whether they wanted it or not.Also, it would be really interesting to compare how the concept and practice of marriage changed from the ancient Egyptian practice from the Roman and Berber practices.Sometimes a traveling private eye, such as I, must engage in global intercourse.I will not say I descended directly from him, we are just from the same region.Because my readers are mostly English speakers, I made a conscious decision to adopt the most familiar spelling: CLEOPATRA.Cleopatra had him sent unto the. and Julius also had a daughter that she tried to pass. the most plausible explanation of what happened to Cleopatra,.

After the death of Antony and Cleopatra Egypt is ruled by the young tyrant Pharaoh Nemorat and his mother Tegi.That only one known child would have come from such a long marriage puts the idea that it was a love match to the test.The love affair of Cleopatra VII, Queen of Egypt (69-30 BC), and Marcus Antonius, Roman triumvir (83-30 BC) is legendary.

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Featuring cameos from legendary figures such as Robespierre, Louis XVI, and Thomas-Alexandre Dumas.Indeed, there are many indications that the marriage between Juba and Selene was an amicable one.I want to comment you for your wonderful revision of cleopatra the last queen of egypt.Others think that Cleopatra Tryphaena (II) was a daughter of the elder Cleopatra Tryphaena and ruled with her sister Berenice.I think readers will be happy with how things turn out in the last book.

Though Selene and Juba are thought to have been married in 25 BC she would not appear on the coinage of the realm as a co-ruler until 20 BC.

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Get 50% off this audiobook at the AudiobooksNow online audio book store and download or.Looking forward to reading your book and seeing a different angle.It also may have led some to question whether or not he was even the father of the boy.

As their daughter, Selene would have made a tempting prize for any Roman who intended to challenge Augustus for power.

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Perhaps they had several children who died, or perhaps, like poor Katherine of Aragon, Selene had difficulty carrying to term.

Her status and influence over his reign suggests his deep respect, perhaps even a subservience to her.As chaos threatens to undo the progress of the Revolution and the demand for justice breeds instability and paranoia, the lives of these compatriots become inextricably linked.Streaming Free Films to Watch Online including Movie Trailers and Movie Clips. Cleopatra.As a Romanized prince, the argument goes, Juba simply would not have married Glaphyra if Selene was still alive.It seems fairly clear that Selene was given quite a bit of leeway, both by her husband and by the emperor.Also, it is also really difficult to determine their relationship based on the number of children they had.

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As for Alexander Helios, we know nothing of his personal life.Meanwhile, Cleopatra Selene could give the native Berbers and imported Alexandrians of her kingdom the appearance of token resistance to Roman hegemony.However, this daughter need not have been the child of Cleopatra Selene.

Cleopatra seems to have genuinely cared for both Caesar and Antony, and they for her.Following the deaths of Marc Antony and Cleopatra, their three orphaned children are taken in chains to Rome, but only two --- the ten-year-old twins Selene and.He wrote at least fifty books and made important contributions to the scholarship of the ancient world.Some scholars have suggested that Selene may have had two sons, both named Ptolemy, one of whom died young.

Selene had the power to mint her own coins and her influence is felt everywhere in the relics of their capital city.Like you say, child mortality was very common in the ancient world.An inscription from ancient Athens indicated that Juba had a son and a daughter, who is unnamed.If so, this is just about the most exciting thing ever to happen to me.

I hope you enjoy it, Shannon and look forward to hearing your thoughts.They seemed not to have a choice but to be married as did any of the other young people at that time connected to Octavian.

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Perhaps this was a calculated strategy between Juba and Selene to present different faces to different powerful factions, thereby maintaining a balance of peace in Mauretania.

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This may be why it has more traditionally been supposed that Selene was in control of Mauretania while Juba was away.Daughter of Ptolemy XII Auletes (117- 51 BC), probably by Cleopatra V Tryphaena (ca 70-69 BC) Succeeded her father Ptolemy XII with her brother Ptolemy XIII in 51 BC.I was quite thrilled when I read this article that I could not help myself from joining the conversation (even though is almost 2 years after).Find out more about the history of Cleopatra, including videos, interesting articles, pictures, historical features and more.

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