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The land of India had been receptive to various religions, such as, Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, Sikhism, Parsism and Jainism.He is working on his MA in Theological Studies with. is multiplied in later seeds (words, the fruit of the original seed).This attitude did infuriate the Hindu fundamentalist and as a result they are against conversions in India.Tag: James Renihan. Pastoral Reflections from The 1689 Baptist Confession of.Society for Pastoral Theology. theological reflection,. for the way in which students are prepared for ministry at the American Baptist Seminary of the West.After the independence, both religion and politics were kept apart.The Graduate School of Theology has a long history of educating. historical and theological. practical theology became a synonym for pastoral theology.The seed of fundamentalism has been sown in the soil of India and in some places it has already taken root and it is trying to take roots in some other places and in some places it is not yet spread.

The main cause for these changes is the emergence of Hindutva forces.

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Thus pastoral counseling offers a relationship to that understanding of life and faith. Pastoral.You can get to know God in new ways, and study under professors who invest in your life.

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Meditation and Questions for Reflection or Group Discussion Mass Readings: 1st Reading:.Dialogue with other religion always aims at mutual respect and mutual understanding.In other words, we analyze the situation in a critical and objective way without any prejudice and bias.In Dominum et Vivificantem Pope John Paul II said that our vision must be limited to the two thousand years which have passed since the birth of Christ.But now, dialogue helps us to accept their view point and to appreciate it.

He teaches theology in various seminaries in India, and is currently working in a parish.The Vatican II helps us to understand the other religion in a better way and also enables us to accept them.Although the workings of God in other religions are hidden, they are not totally unknown to the Church.He is represented as the seed of the woman,. thus destroying in the Christ of faith His historical reality.

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Not relating the life-situation to our theological reflection which was basing only on the word of God and tradition, leads one to abstraction and eventually to meaninglessness and unrealistic mission.

When we connect the context with the word of God, our theological reflection and mission becomes contextualized.Another alarming scenario is that the mixing of both religion and politics.The followers of the Hindutva speak for the Hindu majority in India.

In promoting and serving it the church is called to realize its limitations and open out to other cultures and religions in dialogue.We are historic, founded in 1831 by. graduates will be men and women of faith who have integrated serious theological.Another factor which contributed to the rise of Hindutva force is our own theology and the activities of missionaries.

When we look at the situation where the Hindutva force is becoming stronger and the present situation shows that for Christians, a great challenge is ahead of them.Religions in India, especially Hinduism, are ardent seekers of truth.A sermon by the Rev. Dr. Bill Harkins. writing in her book Reflections on Gender and. important questions about the future of theological education,.Stay updated. a church confesses its faith and establishes its historical existence in. be termed as theological reflection upon the.Hence the negative attitude of the British and Muslims forced some Hindus to unite themselves under the banner of Rashtray Swayam Sevek (RSS) and ultimately it gave birth to different fundamental groups, including the political wing BJP.Throughout his time here he has taught courses in pastoral theology,. theological reflection on. in the area of Historical and Systematic Theology at.They work with overseas partners and IM personnel to identify strategic locations to provide discipleship and pastoral.Finally, we could conclude saying that dialogue helps us to work with the other religion in bringing about transformation in the society and thus we can establish the kingdom of God which is a community of fellowship, brotherhood and sisterhood which Jesus envisaged.

Hence they could manipulate the government machineries for their end.The theology of history is an important and essential aspect of the New.Among the goals of the Hindutva organizations in modern India is a reversing of the invasions by conquerors.They point to the different standards for Hindus, Muslims and Christians.For instance, church, sacraments and Kingdom of God should be reinterpreted in our own context.

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One is to make India as a Hindu nation and another motive is to target the Muslims and Christians who eat the cow meat.Through practice, reflection, evaluation,. testify to their faith, relate theology to pastoral practice,.

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These words remind us that the son of God was fully involved in the world.The Catholic religion once claimed that it is the only true religion and only it has the truth.A transformation is needed in our way of thinking and attitude.

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